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DOpus12.3.3 Dark grey-blue

Posted: 16 Jan 2017, 16:32
by Exidus
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Hey folks,
This is my first attempt in theming our beloved browser. It took me some time and it is not yet finnished, but since there was a request to upload it - here it goes.

The pack includes:

Theme file

It also includes .ico files for the folder icon and two .reg files - one for the default folder icons and one for some color changes in Windows7 default GUI.

Now for starters, the whole setup is highly customized - it uses different scripts, third-party programs and other small changes so there might be some buttons or scripts that will not work properly on your systems. Some of the settings I made directly in Windows Registry, so if you want EXACTLY the same look, you will have to do some under-the-hood work. There is an included "Manual" that is disguised as Install Notes.txt, copy/pasted below.
The setup is WIP so some menues are a bit messy.

1. Unzip the files in a new folder
2. Copy the four folders in /dopusdata

!!! Back Up your Registry before the next steps !!!

The folder icons are changed in the Registry.
3. Add Folders.reg to your Registry
To install them, copy the two .ico files in C:\Icons (you can change this path in the Registry editor - after adding Folders.reg search for key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Icons

5. (optional) Adding Colors.reg will make your Classic Windows theme in the same Greyish-Blueish style.
This sets the colors for default background, text color, scrollbars and windows.

To make the setup fully functional you will need to install NIRSoft FolderChangesView, SearchEverything, as well as the included Apocalypse's SearchEverything.exe integration binnary. That one should be copied in SE instalation folder.
Forum thread: viewtopic.php?f=16&t=11695&p=58852

Theme requires DOpus Pro 12.3.3 or later

Re: DOpus12.3.3 Dark grey-blue

Posted: 16 Jan 2017, 17:27
by leo
Nice theme. Pretty much a total conversion!

It might make sense to link to the icon sets, scripts and tools used, so people can find the latest versions of them and other details. Otherwise you'll have to keep updating your zip when any of the dependencies change.

Re: DOpus12.3.3 Dark grey-blue

Posted: 16 Jan 2017, 22:41
by DesertDwarf
Cool beans. I'll play with this over the next couple of days. Thanks, Exidus.