Any way to view Open\Libre office files in DO?

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I thought maybe the "ActiveX + Preview + Office + Web" or "Multiview" plugin might be able to but when I have the preview window open I just get prompted to open the file in Libre office rather than get a preview in DO.

When I click configure on Preferences->Viewer->Viewer Plugins->Multiview I get a "Viewer DLLs could not be located" and a locate button, could this have anything to do with it?

Not looking to purchase any software just to preview these files.

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OpenOffice used to have an ActiveX control but nobody was maintaining it, last I looked (some years ago now), and it had bugs so severe it could not render a blank page correctly let alone anything more complex, whether used in Opus or IE.

I don't know if that is still the case.

Asking about preview handlers (work in Explorer and Opus) or ActiveX controls (work in IE and Opus) in a forum for OpenOffice or LibreOffice is probably your best bet for an up to date answer.

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OK thanks Leo.

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