Hangs for no reason

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Hangs for no reason

Postby fobbert » 19 Jan 2017, 22:40

Version 12.3 x64, build 6183, 5/12/2016.

Recently have had all sorts of hanging issues. I'm running Windows 10 64 bit Pro Insider Preview Build 14986. Can be inconsistent depending on the day as today if I highlight and ini type file it hangs straight away, I use to be able to right click and edit with NotePad++ but won't even get there now. It had for a while would do the same if I double clicked on the desktop or This Computer even a text file so I removed it completley with IOBits Uninstaller and reinstalled, was great for a few days, now have this problem on the ini type files. By the way if I use file explorer no problem at all.

Any ideas would be appreciated as becoming a bit of a piss-off.

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Re: Hangs for no reason

Postby leo » 21 Jan 2017, 02:21

You probably have a shell extensions that is crashing or locking up.

Crash, exit or high CPU when right-clicking certain files has instructions on how to track down the cause of problems like the one you're seeing.

Also check that your Notepad++ is the latest version as an old version caused lots of problems with the right-click menus, and for some reason a lot of people are still using that version today, even though it's years old and was fixed very quickly by the authors. (I'm guessing the old version comes bundled with something else, or is still being linked to by a popular site or something.)

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