>> Use the Development forum for scripting questions <<

Share script buttons and script add-ins to extend and modify Opus.
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The Script Add-Ins forum is intended to be a place where people can share and find finished script add-ins.

If you have a question about how to accomplish something then please ask over in the Script & Plugin Development forum, rather than in here, so that the finished examples don't get lost among lots of other threads.

Of course, if your development thread results in a script add-in that will be useful to others then feel free to post the finished result here.

If you have a question about using an existing script add-in, you can ask in the thread for it here, or you can start a new thread in Help & Support or in Script & Plugin Development; it's up to you. (But note that sub-threads in here may be tidied up by deleting or summarising old conversations.)


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