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Well, that was an interesting journey just to get a * displayed when a folder's contents change!


Source and instructions here:

Starting Directory Opus will also start a copy of DOFSW.EXE. The DO script IndicateFolderChanges.vbs will communicate with DOFSW.EXE to tell it which folders to keep an eye on. DOFSW.EXE will call IndicateFolderChanges.vbs (via dopusrt.exe), which will cause any tabs looking at the folder to be prefixed with an asterisk.

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  • 2016-12-16 DOFSW.exe no longer crashes when being told to monitor non-filesystem folders (ftp://, coll://, etc)
  • 2016-11-27 DOFSW.exe now ignores subfolders of watched folders which only send a 'changed' event when their contents change
  • 2016-11-22 You can now change the indicator suffix & prefix, and you don't have to tell it where dopusrt.exe is
  • 2016-11-21 Added note to the instructions about the path to dopusrt.exe
  • 2016-11-21 Made the bitbucket repo public ;)
  • 2016-11-21 IndicateFolderChanges.vbs 1.0.1 - Tabs now lose their * properly when activated

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