Crash dumps for bug reports

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Crash dumps for bug reports

Postby jon » 01 Dec 2009, 13:49

In the event of a crash, Directory Opus will usually create a "dump file" in the temporary folder which contains information that may be useful in diagnosing the cause of the problem.

To locate these dump files:

  • In Opus or Explorer, type %TEMP% into the location field and push Return.
  • Look for a sub-folder called DOpus.Minidumps.
  • If the folder exists it will contain one or more .dmp files, timestamped with the date and time of each crash.
  • The files are usually quite large but compress down to a much smaller size if zipped.

If you are reporting a crash to GP Software, you can provide these dump files to aid in resolving the problem.

You can email crash-dumps to (please ZIP them first).

Crash dumps may contain personal data (although the automatically-generated "mini-dumps" usually do not), so we strongly recommend sending them via email rather than the forum, but it is up to you.

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