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Hi all, I recently bought Dopus light with humble bundle and I am very happy overall with it for my work!
One thing feels feels wrong to me : when I open an image and try to zoom in and out, the zoom action is always centered somewhere in the upper-left corner of the image.
This is very boring because I continuosly need to zoom and pan, zoom and pan, zoom and pan again to the spot that I really need to watch.

Is there an option to change this behaviour?

It would be that much better if the zoom was centered on the mouse pointer if scrolling with the mouse wheel (using ctrl+wheel up-down), or at least centered at the center of the image.

Thanks for the help in advance.

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That was changed in a recent beta as someone recently asked for the same thing.

If you download the latest beta, you should be good to go (link is in my signature), or you can wait for the next stable release. The 12.3.3 beta is low risk with no major problems reported since it was released. Some text in it will be in English even when using other languages as translations are not updated yet, but that's the only real downside.

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