Why can't I edit my posts?

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Why can't I edit my posts?

Postby leo » 29 Aug 2007, 00:41

  • Help & Support area: Editing is disabled for most users.

    Editing was disabled in the Help & Support area because several people kept editing their questions after they were answered, either to remove the question entirely or to ask additional questions in the root post. This made the thread very difficult to follow for people browsing or searching the forums, since the context was missing and the replies were all to a different questions. Essentially, some posters got their answers and then self-destructed the thread, making it useless for anyone else.

    (It also meant that new questions or information were unlikely to be seen by the people most likely to provide an answer, because those people read the forum regularly and have usually read the original post by the time it is edited. Since edited posts are not flagged as 'new', the changes are unseen.)

    We decided that the odd typo and spelling mistake was preferable to confusing/useless threads.

    (We tried reversing this decision a few times, and within a day there were problem threads each time.)

  • Script & Plugin Development area: Editing is enabled for linked accounts.

    Posts about scripting tend to need editing more than normal and are also written by people who tend to be more experienced & appreciative of the usefulness of threads to others who run into similar questions down the line, so editing is allowed in the scripting area, as a perk for people with linked accounts.

    This is subject to it not causing problems, but the policy seems to be working OK so far (only the odd problem, which isn't enough to outweigh the benefit of people being able to edit posts).

  • Downloads areas: Editing is enabled for linked accounts.

    Editing is allowed in the downloads areas so that people can update their root posts with new versions, improvements, corrections, etc. (When doing so, it is still worth adding a summary post to the thread so that it is flagged as 'new' for people who have already read the old version.)

    Most people familiar enough with Opus to post add-ons have used it for long enough to have bought a copy, so linking accounts should not be a problem. People who have not linked accounts can still create add-on threads, and post updates via replies, but will not be able to modify existing posts.

If you can't edit a post and really need to have it changed, simply post a correction into the thread and we will see it and clean things up for you if we think it's needed. We'll also often clean-up the odd typo or broken tag for you if we notice them, without them needing to be pointed out.

Can't we at least have 5 minutes to edit posts?

No, not without disabling the ability to edit posts in all parts of the forum once the 5 minutes are up, which would cause major problems in the downloads areas. This is a limitation of phpBB.

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